Our Royal Botox Hair Care is without a doubt the best treatment we can offer for all hair types.


Do you want to change careers and are heading towards hair care? Thanks to Royal Distribution, we can offer you complete and professional training.
Each training is accredited and offers a theoretical and practical part.

Complete training without prerequisite: $ 850

Do you want to add luxury treatment to your clients? Brazilian straightening is very popular and growing in popularity.

Each training is accredited and offers a theoretical and practical part.

What you will learn:
The structure of the hair, the growth, the porosity and the diseases of the hair, the care of the smoothing, the benefits, the ingredients, the kinds of straightening, the application, the procedure, the maintenance, the difference from other treatments, the price, how to sell it and more!

Complete training without prerequisite: $ 650

What you will learn:
Hair structure, hair growth, porosity and disease, botox treatment, benefits, ingredients, dissulfide bridges, degree of hair damage, application, procedure, maintenance, difference from other treatments, prices, how to sell it and more!

A basic kit is included and access to the Ami-Co hairdressing distributor is permitted.


Don’t want to miss out on anything about hair treatments? We offer you the 2 trainings of everything there is to know about hair treatments on the market.

Complete DUO training without prerequisite: $ 1,150 (value of $ 1,500)


Our branches in Quebec for training
– Salon Le Girly Shop located at 8602 Sherbrooke Est, Montreal
– Salon Fanie Extensions located at 1097 Rue Melançon, Saint-Jérôme – Salon LaDora located at 150 rue King Georges

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